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Eminent Domain

Omaha and Norfolk Eminent Domain Lawyers

Representing Property Owners Throughout Nebraska

When the government is planning to take your residential or business property through its right to eminent domain, it is important to understand that the government must properly compensate you for the highest and best use of your property and appropriate damages for your displacement.

Our Norfolk and Omaha eminent domain attorneys at Copple, Rockey, McKeever & Schlecht P.C., L.L.O., have thorough knowledge of the law. We use our extensive experience to represent the interests of property owners throughout Nebraska who are confronting eminent domain and condemnation concerns.

Omaha and Norfolk Attorneys Advocating for Property Owners' Rights

When government authorities are planning to take all or part of your property through condemnation proceedings, they may offer what they believe to be just compensation for the property. However, this amount is typically far less than what you deserve. If you have been offered compensation for your residential or business property, you have a right to contest the amount of compensation being offered.

Our Nebraska eminent domain and condemnation attorneys can help you navigate complicated condemnation proceedings and represent your interests in pursuing full and fair compensation for your property. We seek independent valuation of your property and work to recover full compensation for the fair market value of your property as well as relocation expenses, attorney fees and other damages.

In cases involving partial takings — where the government is planning to seize only a portion of your property to widen the road, for example — we work to ensure the compensation obtained not only reflects the fair market value of the property being condemned, but also the depreciated value to your property.

Contact Our Nebraska Condemnation Lawyers About Your Property Rights

Our Nebraska real estate law attorneys can help you through all aspects of land condemnation. Contact our law firm to arrange a consultation. We invite clients to visit our offices in Omaha and Norfolk, Nebraska, or to contact us toll free at 1.866.721.5663 or fill out the in-take form on our Contact page.

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